Construction - Road Bridge

The Road Bridge

The road bridge was the first structure I built for the layout. Here's a couple of photos of the prototype structure, and then the completed model.

Prototype Bridge 1
Prototype Bridge 2
Model Bridge 1

I started by building a cardboard mockup, to make sure the size and shape fitted the platforms and track, with sufficient clearance on the curve.

Cardboard Mockup

Then I transferred the shape to a piece of ply which would form the basis of the model. I again checked that it would fit the space required.

Plywood base

Then, using the plywood as a template, I began marking out the embossed styrene sheet that would be used to form the face of the bridge.

Plasticard 1
Plasticard 2
Plasticard 3
Plasticard 4

Once all the styrene was cut to shape, I started applying it to the plywood base, with different sections, and pieces of styrene strip to provide the relief effect of the various stone courses. I used PVA wood glue to fix the styrene to the plywood.

Construction 1
Construction 2

I created the sloped buttress sections at each end of the bridge by folding more of the embossed plasticard into a triangular profile on one edge, and used offcuts of plywood underneath to fix them to the main structure.

Construction 3

Using a pair of dividers, I cut a curved section out of styrene sheet, and then cut it into individual sections to form the stones of the archway.

Construction 4
Construction 5
Construction 6
Construction 7
Construction 8

This image shows the basic structure of the bridge, offcuts of timber, and plywood, glued and nailed together. It's not particularly pretty, and my woodwork skills will never win a prize, but it's functional, and forms the base on which to add the more intricate detail.

Construction 9

Here's a close-up, showing both the painting, and detail of the coping stones, made from 20thou styrene in multiple layers

Construction 10

and here's a detail shot of the buttresses, and the underbridge wall prior to it being painted.

Construction 11

A shot with the bridge on its side, showing the detail of the underside of the arch, made from a sheet of embossed styrene bricks

Construction 12

and one from further out showing the awful state of the woodwork!

Construction 13

The painting was done using Humbrol Matt Acrylic paints. I started with a base coat of Humbrol Matt Sand (No.63), and once that was dry, I applied dilute washes of a number of different greens, and olive Drab, removing most of each wash with tissue after every application, to produce a slow build-up of varying shades across the whole structure. I then used Humbrol Black Green to darken the areas where smoke was likely to affect it, and used a very sparing amount of Humbrol Dirty Black where the smoke was worst.

Construction 14
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